Multipurpose Building Project

Multipurpose Building Project

A new building is being proposed for the overflow parking area, to enhance fellowship opportunities for our congregation and create outreach opportunities to our community. The building would be designed to accommodate congregational and community activities and provide an indoor space to store our church van.

Potential uses by the congregation include a space for Sunday School activities, after school clubs for children, Youth Group gatherings, Vacation Bible School, and special events.

The building could also be used by community groups such as the local Christian Young Life high school and middle school groups.

Click below to download and view a design draft developed by General Contractor Randy Stemper. The exterior of the building would be the same color as the main church building and include some similar design elements.

As seen in the design, the building would have large roll-up doors and a covered area creating a space for activities that might be part indoor and part outdoor such as our living nativity and picnics. The design also includes a basketball hoop and a half court, a small kitchen, bathrooms, showers and storage space.

Project Update: 8/4/2021
The new multi-purpose building is still progressing.  The Astoria Planning Commission (APC) unanimously approved our request to reopen the hearing and accept additional evidence and testimony.  However, due to the noticing requirement, we were not able to present additional testimony during the July 27th APC meeting; that will occur at the next APC meeting on Tuesday, August 24th, at 5:30pm.  We had an excellent turnout of supporters at the 7/27 meeting, which no doubt helped persuade the Commission to reopen the hearing; thank you very much to everyone who attended the meeting and wrote letters in support.  All the letters submitted to date, as well as any additional letters/testimony/evidence submitted between now on the next meeting on 8/24, will be included in the official documentation.  Please continue to write letters of support and encourage your friends/neighbors to do the same.  We also hope we receive another excellent turnout of support at the August 24th hearing.  In the meantime, we plan to meet with the neighbors to see if we can resolve most of their concerns now that the building is being proposed on the northeastern edge of our property with the potential relocation of the sewer.  Please continue to be in prayer for this project.

Project Update: 8/28/2021
 The Astoria Planning Commission reversed their earlier “tentative” denial decision and approved the Conditional Use Permit for our new Multi-Purpose building.  The decision can be appealed to the City Council, but the support of the Planning Commission is beneficial.  An appeal by the neighbors to City Council would be heard in October.  The proposed location of the building has been moved to the northeast side of our property and away from the neighboring house after working with the city on potential relocation of an existing sewer line.  Be in prayer for this project and the neighbors; that they will embrace the new location that does not impact views as well as the tremendous benefit this building will have on the community as a whole, especially the youth.

Below are new renderings of proposed building after relocating on the property.

Do you have thoughts or questions about this building project? Feel free to contact us using the form below.