Church News

Today marked another day of change for Bethany Lutheran Church. Pastor Gunderson along with his wife Clara have tirelessly served and have been part of our congregation as interim Pastor for 11 months. Today was his last Sunday Pastoring a church after many decades of serving God, not only a Pastor but both of them as Missionaries also. As they move into retirement – again – we pray God’s blessing on them both.

Thank you, Pastor Gunderson and your wonderful Clara, for being here and taking on a very difficult role, your leadership, love for us as a people, and your ever smiling faces will be missed.

We will welcome Pastor Richard Carr and his family to fulfill the fulltime duties of Pastor and leader of this congregation beginning next Sunday June 5th.

Pictured above left: Chairman Eric Paulson presenting a photo signed by parishioners to the Gundersons. Right: Going away BBQ with the Gundersons. It may have rained but it didn’t dampen the enthusiasm.


This Sunday School year, starting October 2nd, we will be studying the Bible using this book “The Story”, which is the Bible in chronological order. Come join us at 9:30 Sunday mornings to study along and we can provide a book for you.

Confirmation Pictures Display

Finally. After way too long in getting this project done, the Confirmation pictures are back on display in the church basement. Dating back to 1899 to current these photos show the history of our church Confirmands over the years. Here are a few still photos of this wall display.