Send A Letter of Support

The new multi-purpose building is still progressing.  The Astoria Planning Commission (APC) unanimously approved our request to reopen the hearing and accept additional evidence and testimony.  However, due to the noticing requirement, we were not able to present additional testimony during the July 27th APC meeting; that will occur at the next APC meeting on Tuesday, August 24th, at 5:30pm.  We had an excellent turnout of supporters at the 7/27 meeting, which no doubt helped persuade the Commission to reopen the hearing; thank you very much to everyone who attended the meeting and wrote letters in support.  All the letters submitted to date, as well as any additional letters/testimony/evidence submitted between now on the next meeting on 8/24, will be included in the official documentation.  Please continue to write letters of support and encourage your friends/neighbors to do the same.  We also hope we receive another excellent turnout of support at the August 24th hearing.  In the meantime, we plan to meet with the neighbors to see if we can resolve most of their concerns now that the building is being proposed on the northeastern edge of our property with the potential relocation of the sewer.  Please continue to be in prayer for this project.